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Scope of IWCIA'09: Image analysis is a scientific discipline providing theoretical foundations and methods for solving problems appearing in a range of areas as diverse as biology, medicine, physics, astronomy, geography, chemistry, robotics and industrial manufacturing. The workshop will focus on the analysis of digital images. Besides traditional approaches based on continuous models, which require numeric computation, and which always involve the problem of rounding and approximation, "combinatorial" approaches to image analysis (also named "discrete" or "digital" approaches) have been developed during the last 50 years. These latter approaches are based on studying combinatorial properties of the digital data sets under consideration and generally provide useful algorithms for image analysis which are more efficient and accurate than those based on continuous models. Some recent combinatorial approaches aim at a self-contained digital topology or/and geometry (independent of Euclidean space), which might be of interest and importance, not only for image analysis but also for example, within mathematical physics, for the development of digital models of space-time.

The purpose of the 13th IWCIA was to bring together scientists working on mathematical and computational foundations of digital image analysis as well as on applications, for the interchange of ideas, the reporting of new results and the discussion of open problems.

All submitted papers were reviewed double-blind by at least three independent reviewers. The review was rigorous and based on criteria related to the relevance (for the workshop topics), originality, technical correctedness and mathematical depth, clarity and quality of presentation. In the case of algorithms or reports on computer systems for image analysis, its efficiency and overall performance was also important. Each reviewer provided an overall score, which collectively determined acceptance or rejection.

Accepted papers were published in two Proceedings books: Volume 5852 of Springer's LNCS series, and the edited book "???" published be Research Publishing Services (Singapore). The organizing committee is working to arrange the publication of the best ranked papers in special issues of high quality international journals. See: Publications.

The IWCIA'09-Workshop was a forum for current research on Workshop topics such as the following:
* Combinatorial problems in the digital plane and space related to image analysis, lattice polygons and polytopes
* Discrete/ combinatorial/ digital / algebraic geometry and topology and their use in image analysis, in particular: digital topology and geometry of curves and surfaces
* Tilings and patterns; combinatorial pattern matching
* Image representation, segmentation, grouping, and reconstruction
* Algebraic approaches to image representation and to image analysis
* Methods for image compression
* Discrete tomography
* Applications of integer programming, linear programming, and computational geometry to problems of image analysis
* Parallel architectures and algorithms for image analysis
* Fuzzy and stochastic image analysis
* Grammars and models for image or scene analysis and recognition; cellular automata
* Mathematical morphology and its applications to image analysis
* Applications - mathematically well founded combinatorial methods and algorithms and its use for solving real applications
* Computer systems for image analysis